French Bulldog temperament

If you’re looking for a puppy companion, a French Bulldog is a wonderful choice. This affectionate puppy is a small breed related to the American and English Bulldog. Commonly known as “Frenchies“, these dog originated from France, stand between 11 to 12 inches tall and weigh approximately 20 to 28 pounds. Acceptable breed standard colors include white, fawn, brindle and white, brindle and other colors. There are exceptions to what are considered non breed standard, including black with no trace of brindle, liver, black and tan, mouse, and white and black or black and white. French bulldogs are typically registered by FCI, KC, QUALITIES and AKCTEMPERAMENT.

french bulldog puppies temperament puppy

French Buldog

About the French Bulldog Breed

Human contact and companionship are very important to a French Bulldog, from its puppy months right through adulthood. Frenchies make fabulous house pets, as they are quite affectionate and have gentle dispositions. They thrive under the companionship of families, singles, retirees, home and apartment residents who have time to devote to the dog. They are alert and active, yet only demand a minimal about of exercise. Exercise can include casual walks or jaunts around the backyard. Because they are quite susceptible to the heat, a French bulldog should never be subjected to moderate or extreme heat. (More about heat and French Bulldogs to follow). This breed cannot swim, as can most breeds, and should be protected from pools and other bodies of water.

Fans of French Bulldog puppies find them to be courageous, very intelligent with a somewhat clownish personality. They make great watchdogs and are very reliable. As puppies around children, French Bulldogs are happy, bouncy and active when played with, as long as their playmates treat them gently with care. When playing with small children, they can become somewhat rambunctious. As such, playtime with small children should always be under adult supervision with the intention to teach both dog and child how to play gently.

French Bulldogs have a very distinct appearance, because they are muscular, heavily boned and compact with a large, square head, upturned nose and sport a wrinkly muzzle. They have naturally erect, rounded big ears with soft skin, wrinkles on their neck, head and shoulders. Their tail can be screw-like or straight, but always quite short. French bulldog is a breed related to English Bulldog .

Tips for Breeding

French Bulldogs should be brushed daily, particularly when the dog is shedding. Baths should be given at least every two months. Because this breed is susceptible to glaucoma, eye checks should be done on a regular basis.

If the puppy was delivered by Caesarian Section, bottle feedings may be required for a period of time. If the puppy’s nose does not meet breed standards, snoring may be an issue. The puppy should be checked regularly by a veterinarian as back problems, elongated soft palates, atrophy, heatstroke and brachycephalic syndrome are other possible health concerns. It’s very important to know about these health issues before purchasing a French Bulldog puppy in order to assure that the puppy purchased is healthy. These little darlings are expensive and emotional attachment comes quickly to their owners, so it’s imperative to have a puppy thoroughly checked by a veterinarian before making a purchase. Any potential owner should do a fair amount of research about the breed before going to a breeder. Know what questions to ask about health concerns and about the puppy’s lineage. Most reputable breeders will have had the puppy checked by a veterinarian, who will have run a battery of tests to address potential health concerns. The breeder should hand you, with the purchase of your French Bulldog puppy, a written warranty or guarantee assuring that the puppy is healthy. If this proves false, the guarantee or warranty should promise a refund or replacement pup.

French Bulldogs are Sensitive to Heat

As noted, French Bulldogs are very sensitive to heat. It is advisable under extreme heat conditions to keep ice packs or hand for instant cooling of your pet if necessary. Having battery-powered fans is also recommended, as is having a small, plastic pool that the dog can soak in. There is lots of information on the Internet regarding French Bulldogs and extreme heat, so don’t be afraid to do some research for more sound tips on keeping your Frenchie cool and comfortable.

Introducing Zoe a Female French Bulldog who Lives in Australia

Antony, a good friend of Frenchie Fever and Frenchies lover, share with us some cute pictures of his little girl Zoe. Zoe is 7 1/2 months old french bulldog and she lives in Sydney Australia and the shots of Antony’s little girl are before and after her spaying.

french bulldog 4-8 weeks puppy zoe australia

Zoe’s first picture, between 4-8 weeks. Who could resist that face?

frenchie zoe Sydney Australia Read more »

We Present GG a 2 Year Old Superactive Frenchie

Our good friend Lars from snowy Sweden felt the need to contribute Frenchiefever with his two year old superactive frenchie pictures!

Enjoy GG, the black color french bulldog, playing cards, trying to walk in the snow, while asleep or driving a snowmobile.

french bulldog gg playing cards

This is GG, a superactive frenchie, who has a lot of activities…

French bulldog GG while asleepFrench bulldog GG driving snowmobile Read more »

Meet Berty the Adorable French Bulldog Puppy

Our friend Rafaela, sent us some images of Berty, a 3 months old cutie adorable frenchie pup!!!

frenchie puppy Berty

Berty an adorable frenchie

fench bulldog adorable Berty

Berty frenchie puppy

Introducing Wilbur a Lovableness Frenchie

French Bulldog Wilbur in some graceful poses!!

French Bulldog Wilbur

French Bulldog Wilbur

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Presenting a Cute Naughty Frenchie Named Kimchoo

Yen an OB from Cagayan de Oro city sent us some photos of Kimchoo, his cute and naughty frenchie who living in his family during the last 4 months. Enjoy!!

frenchie Κimchoo lying on the floor

Κimchoo lying on the floor

frenchie Kimchoo proudly on the chair

Kimchoo proudly on the chair

French Bulldog Kimchoo on the chair

Frenchie Kimchoo on the chair


Meet Winston a very handsome Frenchie

Lindsay came across our site and sent us some very nice pictures of her very handsome adult frenchie named Winston.

Enjoy Winston face to face with the photo camera!

french bulldog Winston smiling

Frenchie Winston Smiling!

french bulldog Winston face to face with the camera!

Frenchie Winston face to face with the camera!

french bulldog Winston at Home!

Frenchie Winston at Home!

This is Pudge a Lovely Frenchie Puppy

Traci, a good friend of FrencieFever, sent us her favorite photo of Pudge. Pudge is 4 months old french bulldog puppy, a new male member in her family and as she told us, she is already thinking about how soon she can add another one frenchie to her family!

french buldog 4 months lovely puppy pudge

Meet Pudge a Lovely Frenchie Puppy


Toby the adorable Frenchie puppy and his vacation activities!

Annie and her fiance are the owners of Toby an adorable 4 1/2 month old Frenchie puppy! They sent Toby to stay with Annie’s parents at his “country house” in Connecticut, so they got their first taste of having a grand puppy and boy did they love it!!

The following photos are from each day of Toby’s “vacation activities”!

french bulldog toby reading newspaper

Day One: Toby woke up and read the newspaper before he got his day started!

french bulldog toby practicing his piano

Day Two: Toby spent time practicing his piano skills so he could impress Mommy and Daddy when they got home!

french bulldog toby Happy Hour in the wine cellar!!

Day Three: It’s Friday!!! Pup Happy Hour in the wine cellar!!

french bulldog toby drive

Day Four: Heading out for a nice Saturday afternoon drive…

Quentin the black French Bulldog looking very fetching in his new jumper

Cayleigh, a good friend of FrencieFever send us a nice clip of Quentin, her cute 7 months old black French Bulldog in his new jumper and really looking very fetching.

french bulldog fetching quentin black

Quentin the cute black French Bulldog

Meet Habibti the Lovable Frenchie

Thomas, a friend, send us a cute photo of his french bulldog named Habibti. According to the Arabic dictionary, “Habibti” is a very common term of endearment meaning “my love” (is the feminine of “darling”) and as we can see Habibti is a very cute and lovable frenchie!!

Frenchie Habibti french bulldog

Frenchie Habibti

Pebbles French Bulldog is ticking her tongue out at the camera

This is Pebbles, a majestic french bulldog with smart look. She’s looking tough and sticking her tongue out at the camera.

Brianna is the owner of this amazing sweet and cute frenchie who shared with us this nice photo!

frenchie Pebbles is looking tough sticking her tongue out at the camera

Frenchie Pebbles

Frenchie Colorful Artwork Portraits by David Hearn

david hearn artist custom dog portraits

David Hearn

David Hearn, is a good friend of Frenchie Fever Blog, he is a 43 years old self-taught artist who discovered a love for painting colorful dog portraits about 6 years ago when he began making art on Whidbey Island, in WA state. He sold his work in Seattle’s historic Pike Place Market for three years, which was a really fun way to interact with the public, and a fantastic way to meet some really wonderful dogs. Hi is a full-time artist now in Placitas, NM (about 30 minutes outside Albuquerque), and he is loving all the extra sun!

Custom French Bulldog Portraits

He sent us three amazing French Bulldog portraits of his artwork. One of these portraits inspired from our Frenchie photos.

The first portrait, about four years old, is “Zago Knows Who’s Home”, which is the one done in browns.  Zago is a grand champion Frenchie who still lives, on Whidbey Island in WA state.

The portrait he did inspired by the Frenchie on our blog is called “New Day,” and reflects his latest work, where he is really trying to push his color palette.

The third portrait is called “Portrait of Pop Secret,” and celebrates an adorable Frenchie truly named Pop Secret who lived outside of Olympia, WA, and has recently passed on.

All David’s portraits are typically 16″x20″, acrylic on canvas, and all three are I believe available online as prints and even iphone cases . The originals are also available.  The link to prints in case you’re interested is here:

David Hearn’s Custom Dog Portraits “Doodle Do Arts” website is

french bulldog zago knows who's home artistic portrait acrylic on canvas

“Zago Knows Who’s Home” (French Bulldog) 16″x20″ acrylic on canvas

french bulldog new day artistic portrait acrylic on canvas

“New Day” (French Bulldog) 16″x20″ acrylic on canvas

french bulldog pop secret artistic portrait acrylic on canvas

“Portrait of Pop Secret” (French Bulldog) 16″x20″ acrylic on canvas

Pepe the Cute French Bulldog

Mrs Amy, share a few pictures of Pepe, her cute Frenchie with the kissy face and his sister Rexie, the mini schnauzer. He’s about 1 1/2 years old now.

french bulldog Pepe carrying his toy around the house frenchie

Pepe carrying his toy around the house

french bulldog Pepe and mini schnauzer Rexie

Pepe and his beloved mini schnauzer sister Rexie


french bulldog Pepe  5 month old being carried around after he broke his arm

Pepe being carried around after he broke his arm at 5-mth old

First Aid for Your Dog

Unfortunately, our pets are not free from accidents. They too need emergency medical attention for such unfortunate times. Listed here are a few commonly found emergency situations when you might need to act on your own before you can take your dog to the vet’s clinic or any specialized help. Always remember to keep a clear and confident head while dealing with these situations.

french bulldog health frenchie

French Bulldog Health

Stops Breathing

If the dog has stopped breathing you must attempt a CPR. Watch his chest for any movement. If the dog is not breathing, initiate artificial breathing by clasping the dog’s mouth and begin to blow air into his nose. Start chest compressions if the dog still does not start begin to breathe. Lay your pet so that he his on side and press his chest just behind his elbow on the chest wall.

Is Choking

If your four legged friend is choking, calmly and cautiously try to peek into his mouth. Give him first aid by performing the Heimlich manoeuvre on him. Start by pressurising your dog’s abdomen just behind the ribs in quick successive thrusts.

Has a Seizure

If your dog has a sudden seizure, protect him from getting hurt further by ensuring that they are not close to any water body and sharp objects. Don’t touch his mouth or face. Many pets, bite unintentionally, when they are in the throes of a seizure. Seizures might be caused due to any number of conditions including epilespsy, liver or kidney disease, trauma, low blood sugar, infections. Consult the vet and ask him for advise as to how to treat the pet. The best you can do will be to get your dog checked by the vet after the first seizure. Keep a watch any dormant disease.

Is Injured

A case of trauma, there can be both external and internal wounds. Some injuries, such as a broken bone, are more visible than others, like internal bleeding that might be not be visible. At home, check your dog for breathing trouble, abnormal bowel movements, bloody urine, bleeding, lameness and grogginess. These are all serious and fatal signs and require immediate evaluation. You can check the condition of your dog by assessing his gum colour and respiratory rate. If the colour of the gums is whitish, respirations are laboured, heart rate is low or high, your dog might be in a state of shock.

While most of us will always wish no pet owner has to put any of the above in practice, there is no denying the fact that these are must know emergency situation first aids that can differentiate between the life and death of your beloved canine. Be sure to always have a first aid kit ready for your dog to cope with such emergencies with minimum loss. You can buy any emergency dog supplies online to stay prepared beforehand. Remember that emergencies come unknocked and it is important that you be proactive about it. So, act now!

Amanda Lyttle is a freelance writer and a dog lover. She is the owner of a pet store as well as a party supplies store online. Check out the affordable party packs at her store if you plan to have a great party without creating a hole in your pocket.