French Bulldog temperament

If you’re looking for a puppy companion, a French Bulldog is a wonderful choice. This affectionate puppy is a small breed related to the American and English Bulldog. Commonly known as “Frenchies“, these dog originated from France, stand between 11 to 12 inches tall and weigh approximately 20 to 28 pounds. Acceptable breed standard colors include white, fawn, brindle and white, brindle and other colors. There are exceptions to what are considered non breed standard, including black with no trace of brindle, liver, black and tan, mouse, and white and black or black and white. French bulldogs are typically registered by FCI, KC, QUALITIES and AKCTEMPERAMENT.

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French Buldog

About the French Bulldog Breed

Human contact and companionship are very important to a French Bulldog, from its puppy months right through adulthood. Frenchies make fabulous house pets, as they are quite affectionate and have gentle dispositions. They thrive under the companionship of families, singles, retirees, home and apartment residents who have time to devote to the dog. They are alert and active, yet only demand a minimal about of exercise. Exercise can include casual walks or jaunts around the backyard. Because they are quite susceptible to the heat, a French bulldog should never be subjected to moderate or extreme heat. (More about heat and French Bulldogs to follow). This breed cannot swim, as can most breeds, and should be protected from pools and other bodies of water.

Fans of French Bulldog puppies find them to be courageous, very intelligent with a somewhat clownish personality. They make great watchdogs and are very reliable. As puppies around children, French Bulldogs are happy, bouncy and active when played with, as long as their playmates treat them gently with care. When playing with small children, they can become somewhat rambunctious. As such, playtime with small children should always be under adult supervision with the intention to teach both dog and child how to play gently.

French Bulldogs have a very distinct appearance, because they are muscular, heavily boned and compact with a large, square head, upturned nose and sport a wrinkly muzzle. They have naturally erect, rounded big ears with soft skin, wrinkles on their neck, head and shoulders. Their tail can be screw-like or straight, but always quite short. French bulldog is a breed related to English Bulldog .

Tips for Breeding

French Bulldogs should be brushed daily, particularly when the dog is shedding. Baths should be given at least every two months. Because this breed is susceptible to glaucoma, eye checks should be done on a regular basis.

If the puppy was delivered by Caesarian Section, bottle feedings may be required for a period of time. If the puppy’s nose does not meet breed standards, snoring may be an issue. The puppy should be checked regularly by a veterinarian as back problems, elongated soft palates, atrophy, heatstroke and brachycephalic syndrome are other possible health concerns. It’s very important to know about these health issues before purchasing a French Bulldog puppy in order to assure that the puppy purchased is healthy. These little darlings are expensive and emotional attachment comes quickly to their owners, so it’s imperative to have a puppy thoroughly checked by a veterinarian before making a purchase. Any potential owner should do a fair amount of research about the breed before going to a breeder. Know what questions to ask about health concerns and about the puppy’s lineage. Most reputable breeders will have had the puppy checked by a veterinarian, who will have run a battery of tests to address potential health concerns. The breeder should hand you, with the purchase of your French Bulldog puppy, a written warranty or guarantee assuring that the puppy is healthy. If this proves false, the guarantee or warranty should promise a refund or replacement pup.

French Bulldogs are Sensitive to Heat

As noted, French Bulldogs are very sensitive to heat. It is advisable under extreme heat conditions to keep ice packs or hand for instant cooling of your pet if necessary. Having battery-powered fans is also recommended, as is having a small, plastic pool that the dog can soak in. There is lots of information on the Internet regarding French Bulldogs and extreme heat, so don’t be afraid to do some research for more sound tips on keeping your Frenchie cool and comfortable.

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