First Aid for Your Dog

Unfortunately, our pets are not free from accidents. They too need emergency medical attention for such unfortunate times. Listed here are a few commonly found emergency situations when you might need to act on your own before you can take your dog to the vet’s clinic or any specialized help. Always remember to keep a clear and confident head while dealing with these situations.

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Stops Breathing

If the dog has stopped breathing you must attempt a CPR. Watch his chest for any movement. If the dog is not breathing, initiate artificial breathing by clasping the dog’s mouth and begin to blow air into his nose. Start chest compressions if the dog still does not start begin to breathe. Lay your pet so that he his on side and press his chest just behind his elbow on the chest wall.

Is Choking

If your four legged friend is choking, calmly and cautiously try to peek into his mouth. Give him first aid by performing the Heimlich manoeuvre on him. Start by pressurising your dog’s abdomen just behind the ribs in quick successive thrusts.

Has a Seizure

If your dog has a sudden seizure, protect him from getting hurt further by ensuring that they are not close to any water body and sharp objects. Don’t touch his mouth or face. Many pets, bite unintentionally, when they are in the throes of a seizure. Seizures might be caused due to any number of conditions including epilespsy, liver or kidney disease, trauma, low blood sugar, infections. Consult the vet and ask him for advise as to how to treat the pet. The best you can do will be to get your dog checked by the vet after the first seizure. Keep a watch any dormant disease.

Is Injured

A case of trauma, there can be both external and internal wounds. Some injuries, such as a broken bone, are more visible than others, like internal bleeding that might be not be visible. At home, check your dog for breathing trouble, abnormal bowel movements, bloody urine, bleeding, lameness and grogginess. These are all serious and fatal signs and require immediate evaluation. You can check the condition of your dog by assessing his gum colour and respiratory rate. If the colour of the gums is whitish, respirations are laboured, heart rate is low or high, your dog might be in a state of shock.

While most of us will always wish no pet owner has to put any of the above in practice, there is no denying the fact that these are must know emergency situation first aids that can differentiate between the life and death of your beloved canine. Be sure to always have a first aid kit ready for your dog to cope with such emergencies with minimum loss. You can buy any emergency dog supplies online to stay prepared beforehand. Remember that emergencies come unknocked and it is important that you be proactive about it. So, act now!

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