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Introducing Zoe a Female French Bulldog who Lives in Australia

Antony, a good friend of Frenchie Fever and Frenchies lover, share with us some cute pictures of his little girl Zoe. Zoe is 7 1/2 months old french bulldog and she lives in Sydney Australia and the shots of Antony’s little girl are before and after her spaying.

french bulldog 4-8 weeks puppy zoe australia

Zoe’s first picture, between 4-8 weeks. Who could resist that face?

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Meet Berty the Adorable French Bulldog Puppy

Our friend Rafaela, sent us some images of Berty, a 3 months old cutie adorable frenchie pup!!!

frenchie puppy Berty

Berty an adorable frenchie

fench bulldog adorable Berty

Berty frenchie puppy

This is Pudge a Lovely Frenchie Puppy

Traci, a good friend of FrencieFever, sent us her favorite photo of Pudge. Pudge is 4 months old french bulldog puppy, a new male member in her family and as she told us, she is already thinking about how soon she can add another one frenchie to her family!

french buldog 4 months lovely puppy pudge

Meet Pudge a Lovely Frenchie Puppy


Toby the adorable Frenchie puppy and his vacation activities!

Annie and her fiance are the owners of Toby an adorable 4 1/2 month old Frenchie puppy! They sent Toby to stay with Annie’s parents at his “country house” in Connecticut, so they got their first taste of having a grand puppy and boy did they love it!!

The following photos are from each day of Toby’s “vacation activities”!

french bulldog toby reading newspaper

Day One: Toby woke up and read the newspaper before he got his day started!

french bulldog toby practicing his piano

Day Two: Toby spent time practicing his piano skills so he could impress Mommy and Daddy when they got home!

french bulldog toby Happy Hour in the wine cellar!!

Day Three: It’s Friday!!! Pup Happy Hour in the wine cellar!!

french bulldog toby drive

Day Four: Heading out for a nice Saturday afternoon drive…

Quentin the black French Bulldog looking very fetching in his new jumper

Cayleigh, a good friend of FrencieFever send us a nice clip of Quentin, her cute 7 months old black French Bulldog in his new jumper and really looking very fetching.

french bulldog fetching quentin black

Quentin the cute black French Bulldog

Pepe the Cute French Bulldog

Mrs Amy, share a few pictures of Pepe, her cute Frenchie with the kissy face and his sister Rexie, the mini schnauzer. He’s about 1 1/2 years old now.

french bulldog Pepe carrying his toy around the house frenchie

Pepe carrying his toy around the house

french bulldog Pepe and mini schnauzer Rexie

Pepe and his beloved mini schnauzer sister Rexie


french bulldog Pepe  5 month old being carried around after he broke his arm

Pepe being carried around after he broke his arm at 5-mth old

Dress your French Bulldog with the latest sweater fashion

Our lovely frenchie puppy dressed with an amazing latest fashion dog sweater with beautiful colors, you must care also for your lovely french bulldog’s fashion wardrobe. Dress your frenchie puppie for success and use “dress up” as a training exercise.

french bulldog frenchie puppy sweater fashion

Frenchie Puppy Sweater Fashion



French bulldog puppy scale!

How to weighing a new french bulldog puppy ? The frenchie puppy weighting on the scale! Just put the frenchie puppy on the scale and measure it .. only 3,4 Kgr

french buldog weighing machine frenchie puppie

Frenchie on the scale


French Bulldog Puppy

Look at this cutie sit down!


French Bulldog puppy

Brindle with white puppy in the sand


Fall puppy


An adorable little one

Check up the word “cute” in the dictionary and I bet you’ll find this photo of a tiny cream Frenchie.


French Bulldog puppy