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Introducing Zoe a Female French Bulldog who Lives in Australia

Antony, a good friend of Frenchie Fever and Frenchies lover, share with us some cute pictures of his little girl Zoe. Zoe is 7 1/2 months old french bulldog and she lives in Sydney Australia and the shots of Antony’s little girl are before and after her spaying.

french bulldog 4-8 weeks puppy zoe australia

Zoe’s first picture, between 4-8 weeks. Who could resist that face?

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Presenting a Cute Naughty Frenchie Named Kimchoo

Yen an OB from Cagayan de Oro city sent us some photos of Kimchoo, his cute and naughty frenchie who living in his family during the last 4 months. Enjoy!!

frenchie Κimchoo lying on the floor

Κimchoo lying on the floor

frenchie Kimchoo proudly on the chair

Kimchoo proudly on the chair

French Bulldog Kimchoo on the chair

Frenchie Kimchoo on the chair


This is Pudge a Lovely Frenchie Puppy

Traci, a good friend of FrencieFever, sent us her favorite photo of Pudge. Pudge is 4 months old french bulldog puppy, a new male member in her family and as she told us, she is already thinking about how soon she can add another one frenchie to her family!

french buldog 4 months lovely puppy pudge

Meet Pudge a Lovely Frenchie Puppy


Quentin the black French Bulldog looking very fetching in his new jumper

Cayleigh, a good friend of FrencieFever send us a nice clip of Quentin, her cute 7 months old black French Bulldog in his new jumper and really looking very fetching.

french bulldog fetching quentin black

Quentin the cute black French Bulldog

Meet Habibti the Lovable Frenchie

Thomas, a frienciefever.com friend, send us a cute photo of his french bulldog named Habibti. According to the Arabic dictionary, “Habibti” is a very common term of endearment meaning “my love” (is the feminine of “darling”) and as we can see Habibti is a very cute and lovable frenchie!!

Frenchie Habibti french bulldog

Frenchie Habibti

Pebbles French Bulldog is ticking her tongue out at the camera

This is Pebbles, a majestic french bulldog with smart look. She’s looking tough and sticking her tongue out at the camera.

Brianna is the owner of this amazing sweet and cute frenchie who shared with us this nice photo!

frenchie Pebbles is looking tough sticking her tongue out at the camera

Frenchie Pebbles