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Frenchie Colorful Artwork Portraits by David Hearn

david hearn artist custom dog portraits

David Hearn

David Hearn, is a good friend of Frenchie Fever Blog, he is a 43 years old self-taught artist who discovered a love for painting colorful dog portraits about 6 years ago when he began making art on Whidbey Island, in WA state. He sold his work in Seattle’s historic Pike Place Market for three years, which was a really fun way to interact with the public, and a fantastic way to meet some really wonderful dogs. Hi is a full-time artist now in Placitas, NM (about 30 minutes outside Albuquerque), and he is loving all the extra sun!

Custom French Bulldog Portraits

He sent us three amazing French Bulldog portraits of his artwork. One of these portraits inspired from our Frenchie photos.

The first portrait, about four years old, is “Zago Knows Who’s Home”, which is the one done in browns.  Zago is a grand champion Frenchie who still lives, on Whidbey Island in WA state.

The portrait he did inspired by the Frenchie on our blog is called “New Day,” and reflects his latest work, where he is really trying to push his color palette.

The third portrait is called “Portrait of Pop Secret,” and celebrates an adorable Frenchie truly named Pop Secret who lived outside of Olympia, WA, and has recently passed on.

All David’s portraits are typically 16″x20″, acrylic on canvas, and all three are I believe available online as prints and even iphone cases . The originals are also available.  The link to prints in case you’re interested is here: http://society6.com/DavidKentCollections

David Hearn’s Custom Dog Portraits “Doodle Do Arts” website is www.DoodleDoArts.com

french bulldog zago knows who's home artistic portrait acrylic on canvas

“Zago Knows Who’s Home” (French Bulldog) 16″x20″ acrylic on canvas

french bulldog new day artistic portrait acrylic on canvas

“New Day” (French Bulldog) 16″x20″ acrylic on canvas

french bulldog pop secret artistic portrait acrylic on canvas

“Portrait of Pop Secret” (French Bulldog) 16″x20″ acrylic on canvas